About Us

International Yoga Association is a non profit organization built for the sole purpose of strengthening and serving the Yoga community worldwide. We provide an umbrella to all yoga teachers and yoga schools who wish to improve the quality and standards of their teaching as well as reputation and credibility of their yoga schools.


Our goal is to provide support and help to the yoga teachers and yoga schools to maintain and fulfill the international standards of yoga services. We strive to help yoga teachers to understand the proper requirements and standards of yoga teaching.

Advisory Board

  • Swami Satyananda (Germany)
  • Yoga Acharaya Vasudev (France)
  • Yoga Acharaya Narendra (Spain)
  • Yogi Keshav (Switzerland)
  • Dr. Om Prakash (Italy)

How do we help

We provide following benefits to our members:


We provide clear standards for Yoga school and Yoga teachers so that there is a high standard of teaching available to the Yoga students and practitioners. These standards also provide a platform to the Yoga schools and the teachers to improve and evolve themselves to higher level of knowledge and professionalism.


We provide credibility to our members which helps to set themselves as a well qualified professional in the field of Yoga education.


We provide guidance to our members for setting and running Yoga businesses / Yoga schools. We help them to understand and meet all legal and technical requirements.


We provide required support to our members in case of any technical questions  or requirements.